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That Fish You Caught Was in Pain

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Boy with FishThis week we were treated to the news that in addition to his other exotic and high-living habits, the esteemed leader of North Korea likes his sashimi cut from living fish. And this week also the topic of whether fish feel pain graced our newspaper. Elizabeth Braithwaite, a behavioral biologist at Edinburgh University, wondered why that question had not arisen before now. Perhaps anglers really don’t want to know. I thought it was because the question had already been answered.

Braithwaite points out that fish have the same architecture for nociception that we do: A-delta and c-fibers. It would be remarkable indeed if fish so equipped did not have the rest of the alarm system we call pain also in the repertoire of their nervous system. Indeed, fish react aversively under noxious stimuli, just as one would expect. And if they are then given pain-killing medication, they respond to that in the expected fashion as well. (more…)


Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

Making a Case for the Exercise Model

We have just submitted a paper to the JNT in support of the proposition that inter-hemispheric training can remediate attentional deficits irrespective of the presenting complaints. In the back-and-forth with the editors that has by now taken some months, their frustration is apparent that we never seem to come up with the kind of data that simply nails it. If this technique is indeed as effective as we say, then why not just show some EEG data which makes this obvious. The reason we don’t show such EEG data is that we don’t wish to promote the wrong conclusion. If we showed EEG data that proved our hypotheses, then an EEG criterion or EEG litmus test would follow, which would be a mistake in our view.

Rarely do we have the chance to prove this to the world, since we don’t bother taking a lot of EEG data any more. However, when Sue and I were writing our book chapter on pain a few months ago, we were asked specifically for EEG data, so we requested of Richard Soutar to send us a case with EEG data that we could include. (more…)


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