Brian’s Legacy Paperback Now Available

by Siegfried Othmer | May 20th, 2014

Brian's Legacy by Siegfried Othmer, PhDWe are pleased to announce that Brian’s Legacy is now available in paperback format.

Through our son Brian’s journal entries (written during his college years) we get to experience Brian’s evolving understanding of his own condition, his ongoing struggle to improve and manage his own health, and the gradual emergence of a more mature self. In my own contribution to the book, I provide some background on the challenges our family faced while raising a troubled child, and I provide my reflections on many of Brian’s journal entries. The book tells the story of our lives together, and also describes the path we traveled to the discovery of neurofeedback, which eventually became our life’s work.

Start reading today and get inspired!

About the Brian Othmer Foundation
The Brian Othmer Foundation was created in January 2002, in loving memory of Brian Othmer. Through research and exploration, the foundation continues to pursue the nonprofit objectives of research, education, and clinical services in neurofeedback. The Brian Othmer Foundation is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Corporation.

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Siegfried Othmer, PhD

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