Digg Site Productions Begins Filming on a Neurofeedback Documentary

by Kurt Othmer | October 23rd, 2008

An independent film company known as Digg Site Productions recently began filming on a neurofeedback documentary to help bring attention to this industry. The Digg Site film crew has already captured several prominent sports figures who have openly talked about the benefits of neurofeedback and how it has impacted their sports performance. This important documentary will also key in on specialists in spect imaging and q-EEG, along with neurofeedback clinicians and independent voices from outside the field.

This entire documentary project is all being funded privately and personally by the staff at Digg Site who have personal reasons to make this documentary and fund this from their own personal bank accounts. But they cannot do it alone. Here at EEG Info we have pledged $1,000 to help make this documentary possible. Please consider making a contribution. The Donate button below will take you to a paypal page where you can donate $25, or you can use paypal to send any amount you like to the paypal account stacyheatherly@cox.net – or send an e-mail to that address for other payment options.

Digg Site Productions needs your help to make this documentary possible! Funding for this documentary is not available from the big networks and media companies. Think about the impact that this documentary could have. If this aires on HBO, the discovery channel, or other cable networks, the exposure for our field and the effect for your practice could be tremendous. A simple donation of $25 could help make this documentary possible, and the return to you in exposure for this field, and good positive information circulating in the popular media, would be worth far more than this small contribution.

Please consider donating $25 or more. Thank you.


Kurt Othmer

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