Revised EEG Info BioExplorer Designs With Improved Tactile Feedback

by Sue Othmer | January 4th, 2007

Neury - The Tactile Feedback BearUpdated BioExplorer designs are available at The tactile feedback is now more responsive and gives better feedback on the amplitude of the reward band. I find that most clients are now willing to hold, or sit next to, Neury the Bear. There are, of course, a few people who are too sensitive to tolerate the vibration or too embarrassed to hold a Teddy bear.

The new Alpha-Theta designs provide tactile feedback that switches between alpha and theta depending on which is dominant relative to the goals. When you are in alpha and listening to the stream, the tactile feedback reflects alpha amplitude. And when you are in theta and listening to the surf sounds, the tactile feedback reflects theta amplitude. Tactile feedback is a particularly good addition to the auditory feedback in Alpha-Theta. The information flows directly into the body without any conscious attention.

If you have created a separate folder for the designs you use regularly, then you will need to copy over the new designs from the EEGInfo Designs folder.

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