A parent’s report: Asperger’s plus Lyme disease

by Siegfried Othmer | October 18th, 2018

My teenage son started Neurofeedback with Melissa Sklar in October of 2017 because of issues he was having with anxiety, depression, Asperger’s, and suicidal thoughts. He was having significant issues with functioning at school, and several doctors and psychologists were recommending that we try Neurofeedback to help deal with his various issues. My son has had various other interventions over his entire life that have each in their own way helped somewhat, including occupational therapy, high-dose supplementation, gluten-free diet, B-12 shots, psychotherapy, etc. But when he contracted Lyme disease about six years ago, everything changed. Almost immediately he started having suicidal thoughts, and talking about suicide has continued on and off over those 6 years (as we have not been able to kill the Lyme bacteria).

I tried to find a Neurofeedback practitioner near us. After researching one that was recommended by our son’s doctor, but not liking the negative reviews, we found Melissa Sklar.  That was the day our lives changed for the better.  Not only is Melissa a trained psychologist with many years of experience in psychotherapy as well as Neurofeedback; she is also is one of most intuitive and compassionate therapists we have ever met.  She also charges a more manageable fee for her services than anyone else, which is what we needed, as so many of our son’s therapies over the years have not been paid by insurance. I also loved the fact that I, as the parent, did not have to do anything at home as a follow-up to the Neurofeedback training, which has not been the case with other therapies we have done for our son in the past.  I have spent literally thousands of exhausting hours in follow-up therapy for my son over the years, forcing him to do a plethora of interventions which were all very difficult for him and for me!

After beginning Neurofeedback, I started to see changes in my son’s behavior almost immediately.  He started to be less reactive to things in his environment, and his suicidal thoughts and talk started to decrease.  The therapists and teachers at the school (which has always been his biggest struggle and trigger) started little by little to tell me how my son’s behavior was changing in many ways for the better!  I was of course thrilled with these reports, and they just kept coming, the longer we stuck with the Neurofeedback. This is the most amazing and effective therapy my son has had since he was three years old.  Not only is it completely painless (and even entertaining), but it is a permanent way to get his brain functioning the way it was intended to from his birth.  With all his brain issues (Asperger’s, brain inflammation, Lyme disease, etc.) he has had quite a struggle with just living in his body all of his life. Neurofeedback has made the biggest change by far in his ability to live a normal life, and now I wish that I had started it years ago and not wasted money on other therapies that did not have this degree of positive impact.

Melissa truly cares about each and every one of her patients (and their parents) in a very personal way.  Melissa has always been there for us whenever we needed her help and advice, and with all the stress we have been under, this has been a huge help.  She is truly our Angel and has been able to give both of us our lives back, which is a priceless gift! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has any form of stress, anxiety, depression or other mental illness that they have not been able to control in other ways.

Thanks so much Melissa!!
Very Satisfied Clients

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