The New Protocol Guide: 2015 Edition

by Siegfried Othmer | September 3rd, 2015

By Siegfried Othmer, PhD

The New Protocol Guide: 2015 EditionIt has been two years since the latest edition of The Protocol Guide, and much has happened in the interim. In fact, the pace of progress in instrument development and in protocol decision-making is such that we are likely to be issuing an update on an annual basis in coming years.

The 2015 edition has been significantly altered throughout. A new section has been added to cover two-channel training, including ILF-HD, Alpha-Theta, and synchrony. The ILF-HD frequency range has been extended lower in the software, which has implications for the clinical strategy. There are special sections that highlights the key concepts underlying assessment and training. And there is a new section that covers the multi-sensor for the tracking measures of peripheral physiology: finger temperature, GSR (galvanic skin response, or sweat gland activity), heart rate, and finally scalp EMG (electromyography, or muscle activity).

The Protocol Guide is available in several formats. The hard copy is robust enough to withstand wear and tear in the clinic room, so it can be kept handy there for reference. On-line access is provided through an e-book version. The Protocol Guide is also fully integrated with our new professional forum, which is replacing the list server. The search function will cover not only the Protocol Guide but also relevant list messages over the past several years as well as our other on-line resources such as the training course.

Siegfried Othmer, PhD

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