We Have an Audio Book of Brian’s Legacy!

by Siegfried Othmer | September 1st, 2015

by Siegfried Othmer, PhD

Restoring the Brain by Siegfried Othmer, PhDBrian’s Legacy is now available as an audiobook, and for many if not most this will be the best way to take it in. I read the text that I had written, and Kurt read the part of Brian. Sue stepped in for her own parts, and a friend of Kurt’s, Efrosini Constant, read the many section headings and did character voices. I was surprised just how big a deal it turned out to be to produce this book. Even the initial recording process was much more involved than I expected. It turns out that sensitive audio microphones are a good illustration of what it is like to be ADD. It picks up every little noise in the room or hallway or out on the street with annoying fidelity. One has to record in a thoroughly sound-controlled environment. We did much of the recording in my office, with blankets everywhere to muffle reverberations, and we did so only on Sundays when the building was totally quiet. The remainder of the recording was done in Kurt’s closet at his house, where the clothes served to muffle reverberations. Kurt monitored the electronics in another room.

An enormous amount of sound-editing was then called for to put the whole thing together. Kurt did this over a period of months, to the point that I was wondering whether he had given up on the project. Then out of the blue he announced that the project was finished. So here we are.

We hope the book will appeal firstly to all those parents who are struggling with severe behavior problems in their children. Nearly all such children can be helped with neurofeedback, but more than that, our story can help parents reframe the issues in such a way that they can relate better to their difficult and challenging child. When children deviate too far from what we regard as healthy and wholesome development, then a mis-firing neurophysiology is likely to be in play. And that is our turf with neurofeedback. The book should also be of interest to anyone who is looking to neurofeedback as a rescue remedy for distressed brains–most likely their own or that of a family member.

Siegfried Othmer recording audio tracks for Brian's Legacy in his office, with blankets everywhere to muffle reverberations.

Siegfried Othmer recording audio tracks for Brian's Legacy in his office, with blankets everywhere to muffle reverberations.

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Siegfried Othmer, PhD

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  1. A labor of love. Thanks for the audio version. Much easier for me to ‘read’ books on audio. Exciting addition.

  2. Ruth Brown says:

    I will be sure to read it. I look forward to reading it.

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