ABT Offering Listening Program Training Course

by Sue Othmer | January 18th, 2007

ABT-Advanced Brain Technologies will be offering a TLP Provider Training Course in Pasadena, CA, on January 26-27, 2007. The Listening Program is a music-based sound therapy program that enhances and extends the effects of Neurofeedback training. We encourage you to consider attending the TLP Provider Training Course and incorporating TLP within your own practice.

ABT is committed to making it possible for children, teens, adults and senior to move beyond barriers and reach their maximum potential. The Listening Program® (TLP) is a gentle, effective, affordable and portable method of listening training that is easy to incorporate into your practice. TLP, when combined with current therapy treatment, can result in an accelerated rate of change and improved treatment outcomes for your clients TLP combines decades of clinical research in the field of neurology, physiology, psychoacoustics, auditory processing, music theory and more. The TLP method for training (or re-training) the ear and brain to process sound without distortion, clears the way for better auditory processing, learning, social interaction and more

To REGISTER NOW, or learn more about becoming a TLP Provider and The Listening Program, please call ABT toll-free at 888-228-1798. Mention this special announcement offer and receive $100.00 off your registration

Visit the Advanced Brain Technologies website for more information.

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