Random Acts of Commenting

by Kurt Othmer | January 12th, 2007

Johnny 5 Still AliveThe myriad of elves behind our web platform have been hard at work in these first few weeks of 2007 bringing you a brand new look to the EEG Info family of websites. Not only should you expect easier navigation and a fantastic new look to our site, but also some great new features like FREE COMMENT FIELDS! You should start noticing that some of our pages have a new face already. Our new Newsletter interface will make it easier for you to search and find past newsletters, and even get notified through our RSS feed of new newsletters the moment they are posted. Also, we have a brand new online shop that comes with a smart new look. Now you can track your purchase history, login to track shipping progress and back order information on your items.

Even create an affiliate link on your website that will allow you to link to products and earn revenue for referring traffic (ya know, like amazon does). But the best feature of all on these new websites is the ability for you to participate. Both our new newsletter site and our new online shop allow the use of comments. These are free. All you have to do is create a free account on the shop, and/or a free account on the newsletter (sorry, they are not the same account), and then you can start commenting. You can tell us if you like a product, or if you don’t like a product by writing a product review. And, you can tell Siegfried, or any of our guest newsletter contributors how much you love their contributions, or perhaps, how you would have written the whole thing differently. This is your chance to tell us, and the users of our site, what you think. As this is a brand new feature, I’d like to invite people to test out the comments here. Consider this a scribble area to see how this works. Just click the link to create your free account, then come back and say hi. (don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, we do have to guard against the Spam).

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  1. lance says:

    I think this is a good idea

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