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On “The Psychology of Neurofeedback,” by Thibault and Raz

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

The subtitle of Thibault and Raz’s latest diatribe against EEG neurofeedback sounds vaguely promising: “Clinical Intervention even if Placebo.” But the ambivalence implicit in the title runs through the entire article. The tone of the paper is argumentative throughout, shoring up an essential posture of skepticism with respect to EEG-NF while also allowing for the possibility that we may have been right all along: there is something to neurofeedback after all. We appear to be witnessing the last stages of resistance by these neurofeedback deniers. A subtle repositioning is going on.


We Have an Audio Book of Brian’s Legacy!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

by Siegfried Othmer, PhD

Restoring the Brain by Siegfried Othmer, PhDBrian’s Legacy is now available as an audiobook, and for many if not most this will be the best way to take it in. I read the text that I had written, and Kurt read the part of Brian. Sue stepped in for her own parts, and a friend of Kurt’s, Efrosini Constant, read the many section headings and did character voices. I was surprised just how big a deal it turned out to be to produce this book. Even the initial recording process was much more involved than I expected. It turns out that sensitive audio microphones are a good illustration of what it is like to be ADD. It picks up every little noise in the room or hallway or out on the street with annoying fidelity. One has to record in a thoroughly sound-controlled environment. We did much of the recording in my office, with blankets everywhere to muffle reverberations, and we did so only on Sundays when the building was totally quiet. The remainder of the recording was done in Kurt’s closet at his house, where the clothes served to muffle reverberations. Kurt monitored the electronics in another room.


The Healing Power of Neurofeedback

Friday, August 18th, 2006

healing_power_book_large.jpgIt is sheer delight for me to just delve into Stephen Larsen’s new book and travel with him the remarkable journey of Len Ochs and his colleagues in the discovery and exploration of the LENS technique (which stands for Low Energy Neurofeedback System). No one could have ever predicted where the initial speculations might eventually lead. In retrospect, the journey represents an almost picture-book case of how clinical research should ideally be conducted. It may not look quite so ideal to those who actually went through it. The personal and financial crises that may have been strewn across the path along the way are mercifully not recounted. But the process can indeed be a model to the rest of us. There was no roadmap to follow. The process was willed forward by a very determined fellow, and yet he also flogged it with skepticism every step of the way. No one applied a more thorough-going critical eye than Len himself.

The initial speculations emerged out of Len’s collaboration with Harold Russell and his colleague Dr. Carter. They were making inroads on specific learning disabilities with some fairly generic audio-visual stimulation techniques at the time. The hope was to have a standard device that could be used inexpensively and across the board with lots of children. With the simple concept that one might be better off “responding” to the EEG with the stimulus rather than “driving” it open-loop, Len set out on a path that would take him to the very opposite terrain, namely toward a technique that is deployed under some fairly tight constraints and with highly individualized parameters, all done under the vigilant eye of an astute, experienced, and sensitive clinician, while taking on some of the most difficult challenges in mental health. (more…)

By Law or Grace

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Glen Martin has been involved in neurofeedback since 1993. He happened to be home sick on January 12 th of that year, and tuned in to the Home Show at which we demonstrated our neurofeedback instrument. The economy was in the doldrums at the time, and his own office finances were iffy, but nevertheless he took a gamble on neurofeedback and became one of the early members of the EEG Spectrum affiliate network. The principal driver was the identified ADHD of his son, whose training eventually turned into quite a saga. His daughter benefited as well, and ultimately his father also.

Both Glen’s professional and family involvement with neurofeedback have been quite remarkable adventures, and I will return to these below. But in a further turn of events, Glen became more and more concerned about the “parenting deficits” that he was seeing among the desperate families coming to him with their oppositional and bipolar children. Eventually Glen decided to make that his focus rather than the neurofeedback. The result is a new book that he has just self-published, titled “By Law or Grace.” (more…)


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